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For almost 150 years, the Charter Members published in the church histories were men.  As we researched the lives of our founders, we found listed in both church records and newspaper obituaries, references to the Founding Father’s wives as Charter Members.  In this year, we are including the spouses as Founding Members. 


*Alternate names are given as many moved to a more English spelling during their lifetimes.


Jacob and Regina [Unknown] Angst
Johannes/John A. Bachman
Andreas/Anton and Juliana Schlosser Bauer
Heinrich/Henry Braendly
Johannes/John Braendly
Melchior and Louise [Unknown] Braendly/Brandt
Daniel and Maria Frederica Bochmer Eyer
Jacob Eyer
Philip and Catherine [Unknown] Gobel
Johannes/John and Anna Waldburg Greiner
Ludwig and Maria [Unknown] Tippel  Henzler
Christian/Christopher and Carolina Baumann Heyn
Christian Hoffman
William and Elizabethe Greiner Nanz, Sr.
Heinrich/Henry and Rosina Bauman Pfiester
Herman Preefer 
August and Elizobet [Unknown] Rieth/Reed
Friedrick and Katherine Friederich Renz
John L. and Ann Margaret [Unknown] Rockstroh
Johann/John and Johanna Beier Ruehl
Christian and Elizabeth Weizleb Schlosser
Henry and Eva Sittel
Jacob Spielman
Joseph Stein
Valentine and Magdaena Keifer Wuergler


The Charter Year members joined in the first year, but after the initial January 1860 meeting
Carl/Charles Ferdinand and Christina Kuhner Bader
Christoph and Barbara Roederer Ettel
Hermann and Carolina Pfau Gallrein
Mrs. Frederick (Rosa) Grau (also known as the widow Grau)
Tobias and Christina Hahn Himmel
Carl Kopp
George and Catharina Bliss Kopp
Adam and Nanzi Greher Laun
Jacob and Catharina Rauschert Rau
Johannes/John L. and Maria/Mary Kastner Rauschenberger
Peter and Barbara Hennemann Reschar
John Jacob and Maria Magdalena Durk Roos
Alfred C. Otto and Luise Kupfer Schuler
Carl/Charles and Katharine Schraffenberger Seitz
Wilhelm/William Friedrich Seme/Same and Elizabeth/Lisette Gruber Seme/Same

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